Introducing Cherylxxi! She was a featured artist we had the pleasure of working with for Trainer Con 2020. We love her positive vibe and beautiful art that she creates on her Instagram page. She is a Pokémon illustrator that commissions custom drawings of Trainers with their favorite Pokémon. Make sure to check her out and send her love! 

Name in game: cherylxxi
Team: Mystic
Level: Level 34
Location: Australia
Favorite Pokémon: Flygon/Squirtle
Specialty: Artist
Summary about me:
I am a hobbyist Pokémon artist currently studying at University. As a Pokémon artist, I aim to transform people into Pokémon trainers, portraying you, for example, as having the best time with your personal Pokémon team! All drawings are adaptations of my vision, so have a scroll through my Instagram if you would like to have a look at my art!
Below are my social media links - feel free to check them out in your spare time:
Youtube: cherylxxi art (content coming soon this year)