We met Yaaya & Ayzo on instagram around the time we first launched in 2018. They have been one of the many great people in this community that we've been lucky to call friends. From helping everyone with infographics to giving exposure to others like they personally have been so kind to help us with, they are our featured trainers of the week. Make sure to give them love!

Name: Yaaya & Ayzo
Ingame Name: Yaaya26IICoG & Ayzo26IICoG
Team: Instinct ⚡️
Level: 44 both
Location: Germany, NRW
Favorite Pokémon: Shiny Rayquaza for Yaaya, Eevee for Ayzo
Speciality: Infographics & Duo Raiders

Hey everyone, it’s us, the CoG Duo.
We started creating infographics for the Pokémon GO community back in 2017. A small idea during a bored Uni class has now turned into a huge community with over 130k people sharing and enjoying infographics that help with various events and news that take place in the world of Pokémon GO.

Instagram: @coupleofgaming
Twitter: @coupleofgaming
Twitch: coupleofgamingtv

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