Very happy to introduce.. Cupcakedex! A very very talented Pokémon baker! We were fortunate to have her bless our Trainer Con with a beautiful cake to commemorate the event. You can find her live on Twitch and make sure to let her know we sent you! 

Name/In game name - Cupcakedex/PsychicMS

Team - Mystic

Level - 40

Location - Canada

Favorite Pokémon - Mewtwo

Specialty - Pokemon baking

I’m Cupcakedex, and I make foods inspired by the world of Pokemon every week on Twitch!

I first got bit by the “Pokemania” bug in the late 90’s, and I’ve been catching (and eating) ‘em all ever since! In 2004, I became involved in the Pokemon community, writing Pokemon fan fiction on forums, buying and selling Pokemon merch, organizing Pokemon programming at local cons, and marking time as a Silph Road Warden until the release of Pokemon Go!

Once I started baking for fun for friends’ birthdays, it wasn’t long until I realized I could marry my love for Pokemon with my newfound passion for baking. Exactly a year ago this week, I started livestreaming on Twitch, where I demonstrate how to bake Pokemon treats, game, talk merch, and more. Livestreaming has become yet another way for me to connect to the Pokemon community, and has been such a lifeline for me personally!

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