Hello! Our name’s are Nikko and Nolan. We are the best Father/Son POGO Trainer duo in the WORLD! ALL Challenges welcomed to prove us wrong! Join us on our Pokémon quest and journey to catch 'em all! To commemorate each milestone and achievement we make some pretty cool Trainer merch :) We have a lot in store this year so stay posted! 

Name/In-Game Name: Nikko/1TRNRNikko

Team: Instinct

Level: 48 

Location: Southern California

Favorite Pokemon: Charizard/Ray Ray

Specialty: 4* Legendaries 


Name/In-Game Name: Nolan/1TRNRNolan

Team: Instinct

Level: 47

Location: Southern California

Favorite Pokemon: Gengar

Specialty: Shiny Hunter