We love NiCO's creativity with his AR Photos. I came across his page just browsing and it caught my attention. His avatar styling (#ドレスコードGO) on twitter inspired me to match with my buddy as well! Check him out and give him a follow! 
Name: NiCO / Lpogtokyo 
Team: Mystic but mostly promoting Team GO ®️Rocket 😏
Level 47
Location: Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 (Originally from Paris. France 🇫🇷)
Favorite Pokemon: Riolu
Speciality: AR Photography  & Avatar Styling (check #ドレスコードGO on Twitter)
"I never played any Pokemon game as child or as a young adult, until Pokemon GO. I didn’t grow up with Pikachu, Charizard or Mewtwo and I had no idea what was a Pokeball or a Legendary Pokemon until I played Pokemon GO. Discovering every single Pokemon, thru the lens of my iPhone via GOsnapshot, it’s so fascinating! AR photography gave me a platform to express my sometime "engaged opinion" of the Real World we are living in. And although some might disagree at time, I hope you’ll enjoy my work! And thank you to the Pokemon GO Community for the super warm Welcome! NiCO.
Please find me on the following: 
Instagram @snap_them_all (Pokemon content) @Lpogtokyo (Who I am!)