Welcome Trainers!

My name is Nikko and my 9 year old son Nolan and I started playing Pokémon GO a few years ago when it first came out. Shortly after we really started getting into the game, we designed some cool “Trainer Badges” and started a small company as sort of a Father/Son project just for fun. I wanted to share with you all what the concept of “Trainer Con” really is and how it all came to life for this Weekend.

This was an idea that started last summer when Nolan and I were at GO Fest in Chicago. After the event, while we were sitting on the plane ready to fly back to LA, I’ll never forget when Nolan turned to me and said “We should do the same thing for everyone back home that couldn’t come.” - I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the beginning. In the following weeks, little ideas here and there in our random convo’s eventually turned into us looking for venue’s to actually hold an event. I could sense the imagination and ambition growing as it slowly started to feel like we could actually pull something like this off. And then COVID-19 decided to enter the chat. Not only were our plans put on hold.. but the WHOLE WORLD got shaken up and 2020 continues to be a nightmare.

Apparently, not for Nolan though. Last month during one of our usual car ride home convos, he started randomly shooting out new ideas for the event still. The pandemic never discouraged him and never killed his dreams. That was all I needed to hear and that’s exactly what this is.. we’re simply trying to bring these ideas to life and make his dreams happen, pandemic or not. After working tirelessly for the past month and locking in some amazing partnerships with a lot of people and trainers in the community.. Nolan and I are very, very proud to finally introduce and announce:

“ POGO TRAINER CON 2020” - A refreshing, alternative “virtual” platform created for Trainers around the world to engage, network, learn and interact with each other through unique and original content, as well as hopefully providing a temporary distraction from all the craziness going on in the world at this time. Please feel free to browse and indulge in each section we created from scratch.. and don’t forget to shop all the exclusive merch we made especially for this weekend! 

Our ultimate dream is still to eventually be able to host a real Trainer Con in person one day and we look forward to learning and improving from this first one. Thank you for stopping by, supporting and helping us get one step closer..it means the world to us! More to come, always..